MacOS 10.15: Apple to Integrate iOS Features

Apple is expected to integrate cool iOS features to the upcoming MacOS 10.15! The said operating system is said to be in the works for at least two years now. So, any introduction for this OS at the upcoming Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will surely wow the audience.

iOS features coming to MacOS 10.15

As reported by, Apple is bringing its desktop and mobile operating systems closer by integrating some of its features. Among these features are Siri Shortcuts, Screen Time, and iMessage among others.

While it remains not preinstalled with iOS, Siri Shortcuts is said to become available for download on the next MacOS. The plan is to make apps available on all platforms. As such, it is possible that users can soon download this app from the Mac App Store. And yes, users still need to download Siri Shortcuts from the App Store as of this time. But who knows, it could be an integrated app soon.

Screen Time is another app said to become part of a new panel in System Preferences of MacOS 10.15. Screen Time allows you to check and see how much time you are spending in an app. So if you want to limit the amount of usage of an app, you can do so. For instance, parents can regulate and limit their child’s use of social media among other apps.

Another app which is expected to be integrated into the System Preferences is a new Apple ID management. There are reports that the configuration of Family Sharing will be similar to that of the current iOS settings. Also, the iMessage effects like confetti, lasers, and fireworks among others are said to become available on macOS 10.15.

Sources suggest that once macOS 10.15 is introduced at WWDC, a developer’s beta will become available on the same day.

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