RK Guide Ragnarok M SEA – 1 Hit Pierce Fiery Mane

Rune Knight Guide Ragnarok M SEA Server # 1 by Lord Ares

Here is my quick guide to grind at Magma dungeon L1. This is my build so far for grinding. Fiery Mane is the target monster (Large) because the ‘Minorous’ card will be fully effective. For 300 stamina with chain, I get around 50+ Garrison Axe which sells for 2,000z. That is around 100,000z not including the zennies gained for each monster and materials such as Burning Heart and Madogear Fuel. If you are lucky, you might get Fiery Mane Card which cost around 200+k each. I will compute how much will I gain per day on another update. For now, these are the equipment, runes, and skills I used to grind.


Equips, Runes & Skills

+7 Tier 4 Halberd [ 2 Minorous ] 4th Enchant: Morale 2: Ignore Def 10%
Cat Ear Beret
Hockey Mask
Dusk Veil
Melody Winder
Sprint Goblin
+4 Tier 5 Rosa Bracelet
+6 Tier 3 Tights [ Archer Skeleton * ] 4th Enchant: Ignore Def 5%
Ancient Cape
Rune Boots
Tier 4 Strength Ring

3 Aura Blade Runes

Skills Used
Level 10 Lord’s Aura

**I will update this RK Guide Ragnarok M SEA server post once I recorded my new video with new runes, equips and skills. I will also show my stats in the update. Hope this helps you to have an idea to grind easily. Happy Grinding!

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