iOS 12.4 Version Released, Download It Now!

Apple has now officially released the final version of the iOS 12 – the iOS 12.4 – for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Based on its summary of the change log, there are a couple of major patches and updates made to ensure the stability and security of the latest Apple mobile operating system.

iOS 12.4 – The Final Version

Based on the security content of the latest iOS version, iOS 12.4 has a couple of minor updates that solve major security impact. The iOS 12.4 is a free update and is available to download and install now (see the links below).

For those who want to update their supported Apple devices, simply open the Settings app, go to General –> Software Update and follow the onscreen instructions. If you turned on the automatic updates (not advisable though), it will automatically download and install the new iOS 12.4 version.

Coming up, the iOS 13

While many are still waiting for the next iOS version, the 1OS 13, the iOS 12.4 remains an important update for your Apple device. Simply put it this way – this version is the more stable one, beta-tested and trusted to be more efficient in eliminating security issues.

In addition, this is the only current publicly-available version of Apple’s software. And yes, the upcoming iOS 13 won’t be available until more than two months from now. So if you are ready to download and use the latest iOS version, here is where you can download iOS 12.4 Final IPSW Files for your mobile device/s:

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