Throne of Eldraine: Booster Fun Project

By now, most of you have probably heard that Wizards of the Coast will be coming out with a new Magic: the Gathering set this October –Throne of Eldraine. In this set, WotC promises to bring out some changes that MTG tabletop players are sure to enjoy. According to MTG Head Designer Mark Rosewater, their goal in Throne of Eldraine is to improve the experience of opening a Magic booster pack. Rosewater revealed that the set will feature 3 card treatments namely:

jace TMSEmrakulGoldilocks

Borderless Planeswalkers;            Extended Art-Frames; and               Showcase Frames.

Higher Drop Rates for Foils

Previously, the foil drop rate (this is counting all foils of all rarities) was 1 in 67 cards (which results in a 22.5% chance of opening one in any one booster). The new drop rate is 1 in 45 cards (or a 33.4% chance of opening one in any one booster). This means the chance of getting a foil has increased from less than one in four boosters to one in three.

New Booster Pack Types

The new set will also be the first to introduce 3 types of booster packs that will cater to the various and specific needs of players. These are: Draft Booster packs; Theme Booster packs; and the Collector Booster packs.

Want to know the full details of Throne of Eldraine? You can read Mark Rosewater’s article here:

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