Shenmue III Backer Trial Version Latest Update

Finally, Ys Net has made an announcement concerning the Kickstarter and Slacker Backer trial version of Shenmue III.

In their latest message, they revealed that the trial version has been scheduled for release during the second half of September, though no exact date was set.

Shenmue III Backer Trial Gameplay

As for what players could expect of the game, here are things that the game developer has shared:

The elements and features to be included have almost all been pinned down, and we are now working to finalize a delivery date with our partners. Once a date has been confirmed, another announcement will be made here in the updates.

The trial version will feature a stand-alone act with an objective that takes place in the first area of Shenmue III, Bailu Village. The game will be playable for an estimated 1 hours and will be replayable after the objective has been cleared. There are lots of activities to experience and we hope you go back for more until the trial expires.

* The trial version will also come with a PDF play guide.

* Saves will not transfer over to the final version.

Shenmue III is scheduled to hit the market on November 19, both for PC and PlayStation 4.

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