State of Play to Reveal PS5, Last of Us 2

Sony may have kept its play quite suspenseful for the first half of 2019. But if the latest rumors are true, all details will be revealed this coming November 1st, 2019 where they will hold another chapter of State of Play.

State of Play Game Revelations

According to the latest leak posted on 4Chan, “the titles that will be part of it have already been decided by the marketing team, and the general managers, of Sony PlayStation.” Accordingly, the most important titles where revelations will be made on the said event includes the launch trailer for Death Stranding, details on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and the most awaited announcement of The Last of Us Part 2, the latter of which will have a release date trailer set in May 2020.

The leak also revealed Sony’s marketing team’s desire to focus on the software promotion on its next 2 top titles, Death Stranding and The Last of Us Part 2.

Unfortunately for Ghost of Tsushima fans, this game was not scheduled for the said event. But don’t worry just yet as Ghost of Tsushima is said to be “the next event scheduled by the company’s top management, the Playstation Meeting 2020.”

The said information is said to come directly from a former senior marketing manager who has worked in the studios of Sony Interactive Entertainment PlayStation, communicated via a company email to the employees of the company’s marketing department.

By the way, it was also noted that the next State of Play will have a slightly longer program than the previous events.

PlayStation 5 Revelation

One of the most awaited announcements this year will also happen at the State of Play as PlayStation 5 (PS5) is said to be the main event, “it seems that the development of the game is proceeding in a more than favorable manner within the SP studios, but that it has also encountered considerable delays at the same time, mainly due to greater work on the technical side of the software for textures and framerates, to favor in particular the technical upgrade that will be given by the new hardware features of PS5.”

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